Just What Is It All About?

James Proclaims (4)

After yesterday’s lack of endeavour, I had really made an effort with today’s post. I was going to publish it this morning, but when I checked my emails I discovered that I’d signed up for a blogging course, run by WordPress, called Blogging 101. Part of the course is a daily assignment.

I’ve shelved today’s post because I follow a very strict rule of blogging once a day at most, even though I was certain from the outset that I’d be straining at the leash to write more, due to my incredibly fertile mind. All my extra ideas were to be kept in a file on my desktop, which I’ve cleverly called my ‘Blog Bank’.

Actually what I’ve discovered is that blogging daily is way too often, so today is the first day I’ve actually made a deposit in the ‘Blog Bank’. It’s a post about the perils of triangles, so watch out for that one when it finally makes it to the front page. It’s a zinger.

Anyway, I’ve started Blogging 101 in order to become a better blogger, because I’ve got something like 20 people following me at this point and at least fifteen of you are real people and you deserve a better ‘James Proclaims’. Continue reading Just What Is It All About?