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James Proclaims (4)

Day three of Blogging 101 and by now I’m the kid sitting at the back of the class, swinging on his chair and flicking bits of rubber at the other kids. The Blogging 101 teacher has called my parents to inform them that ‘I’m not reaching my full potential.’ My mum thinks it’s because I’m bored and I’m not being stretched enough. My dad refuses to make excuses for me, he’s very clear that I’m a good-for-nothing little scallywag. Anyway, I won’t be getting my pocket money unless I do my homework, which is sooooo unfair…

Today’s assignment is:

Follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

For those of you that are reading this and who aren’t fellow bloggers (which probably means you’re related to me or you’re one of the precious few that have deemed me worthy of the title ‘friend’), the ‘Reader’ is the gateway to finding other blogs. There are various ways of linking in with other people’s online journals but one way is to type in topics that you might find interesting. Some topics that I had already used:

Star Wars (obviously)

Coffee (because I like coffee and because coffee drinkers are cool)

Humour (because I like funny things)

Humor (because Americans can be funny too)

Just typing in these has given me access to some brilliant stuff and my ‘Reader’ is already overflowing with witty, insightful and heart-warming prose.

Still I don’t mind following even more blogs. There are loads of them out there and most some of them are even better than this one.

In fact the task seemed almost too easy so I’ve followed ten instead. I’m not going to list them all here; they’re already listed on my home page, so you can link to them and all the other blogs I follow there. I’m quite discerning, so they’re all pretty good. Although just to be clear, if you are a fellow blogger and you’re reading this, and you need a little incentive to ‘subscribe’ to my blog, then rest assured I will subscribe to yours too, even if yours is a bit rubbish. Obviously though, if you’re discriminating enough to follow me, then you’ll no doubt be a raconteur supreme…

The five new topics was a little more challenging. If my reading needs aren’t already being met by Star Wars, Coffee, Humour and Humor, then it’s hard to imagine what other words will induce more stimulating missives.

Nonetheless after much thought I decided on the following five topics:

Haberdashery (not because I have any interest in sewing but because it’s just a very pleasing word)

Jean-Jaques Rousseau, (because that makes me seem intellectual, even though I’ve never read anything by him. This is particularly impressive given that La Nouvelle Héloïse was a set text on my undergraduate degree)

James Proclaims (just to see what happened really)

**** (A really naughty word that I can’t write here)

Baby Monkey (because everyone loves a baby monkey…)

It’s been a revelation.