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It’s week two of Blogging 101 and I have that ‘Monday Morning’ feeling, which is ironic for three reasons. One is that I’m posting this on Monday evening,  two,  I have vaguely disputed the notion of the ‘Monday Morning’ feeling, on a post that I wrote back when no-one was reading this blog, and three I actually wrote most of this on Saturday, because I second-guessed what today’s task would be, based on previous incarnations of this course. Obviously I’ve edited it a bit since (or have I?).

Anyway today’s task is this:

Create and publish your About page, then either adapt it into a widget on your home page or add it to your menu.
It seems the further I progress on this course, the more alienating to ‘non-bloggers’ these tasks become. Still it isn’t obligatory to write about every single task, – indeed the course specifically advises you not to. I’m just doing it to be facetious, so if I’m putting off potential readers in their droves, I’ve really only got myself to blame…

I already have an ‘About’ Page and I’ve had some quite nice feedback about it. I’m not going to change it at all for the moment, particularly because I’ve already signed up for ‘Blogging 201’ in July and I’m fairly certain that I’ll only end up having to do it again then.

“But James” I hear you cry, “Why would you sign up for ‘Blogging 201’, when it’s abundantly clear that you’re not taking ‘Blogging 101’ seriously?”

Well it’ll give me something to do won’t it?

It’s not as though constantly blogging about blogging (or indeed at times blogging about blogging about blogging) has particularly affected the quality of  my output. Have a look back through some of the stuff I was writing before this course began. It hasn’t got worse since then has it?

But back to today’s task, and I’m basically not doing it for the reasons I’ve already mentioned.

I did have a go at the widget. Oh, if you don’t know what a widget is, it’s a bit like a doodah.  Or a thingamabob.

Anyway feel free to comment below.

Or not – there really isn’t much to say is there?