The One With Nothing In It

James Proclaims (4)

Welcome back to James Proclaims for another enthralling report about the travails of a novice blogger, who is trying to achieve blogging enlightenment through a series of prosaic tasks that are masquerading as some kind of insightful training.

Yes it’s day seven of Blogging 101 and today’s thrilling task is:

Create and upload a simple header, background, or both. Already done? Try a custom widget.

Right let’s deal with these one at a time.

I can’t put a header on because the ‘theme’ I’ve chosen doesn’t support that feature.

“What’s a ‘theme’?” I hear the blogging dilettantes cry.

Fortunately I already explained that in a previous post. Click here to read about it. Oh and I explained widgets here.

Speaking of widgets, there are now loads of them on this blog. I put them all up on Saturday. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see some of them. There’s even a hilarious reference to ‘Taxonomy’ which is a call-back to this brilliant post that I wrote.

As for the background. Well that’s the cool Star Wars thing that keeps appearing whenever you click on anything.

What’s that you say?

It’s a bit annoying and distracting?

I think you’ll find it’s awesome!

Anyway, I’m not getting rid of it until I can find an even cooler Star Wars background to replace it.

I love Star Wars. I wrote about that before too.You can read that here.

This post is becoming a bit like one of those ‘clip shows’ that sit-coms like ‘Friends’ used to do. They were episodes that were entirely reliant on previous material tenuously strung together by vague conversations between the characters in the present. Incidentally the title of today’s post is also a reference to ‘Friends’. I liked ‘Friends’.

Who didn’t like ‘Friends’?

Anyway I think we can all agree that my efforts today have been feeble (could have done a ‘Friends’ pun there and written ‘Phoeble’!). However, even by the fairly pedestrian standards of Blogging 101, today’s task has given me very little to work with.

I’m sure tomorrow will be better.