Say Hello To My Little Friend

James Proclaims (4)

This is Humpty.


You might know him better as Mr Dumpty.

But I call him Humpty, because we’re on first name terms.

Humpty and I have been friends since I was but a small child. Humpty was made by my amazingly talented aunt.

My Humpty is not the original Humpty. The original Humpty was an egg, whereas my Humpty is an egg-shaped soft toy made of wool. My Humpty is better because when he sits on a wall, even if he subsequently has a great fall, he doesn’t need any of the king’s horses or indeed any of the king’s men to put him together again.

Which is a relief because, if you’ll recall, neither horses nor men were particularly adept at egg maintenance.

It’s not a surprise really – eggs don’t strike me as a particularly easy thing to repair and horses aren’t notoriously gifted at even the most basic of manual jobs, such as changing a light-bulb for example. Which to be fair to horses, my wife couldn’t do either, when I first met her. She elected, instead, to take a lamp to an electrical shop in order to have the ‘operation’ carried out for her. I have taught her some basic life-skills since then.

Anyway, back to Humpty, and he wasn’t even the first woollen Humpty in my life. My super-talented aunt had one of her own, that I used to love playing with whenever I visited. I loved that Humpty so much that my gifted and generous aunt made me one of my own.

I still have him today and I still love him today even though I am a fully grown man.

Response to the Daily Prompt – Toy Story