A Bibliophile Bemoans Being Busy


I often claim I like to read
When I have time to kill
A novel is the ideal thing
If I have hours to fill

I like all kinds of fiction
Few genres make me frown
I’m really not too fussy
I’ll even read Dan Brown Continue reading A Bibliophile Bemoans Being Busy

James Complains About ‘Black Friday – UK’


I’ve been in work today. All day.

Because it is a normal working day in the UK.

Yet according to my email inbox and various media outlets, today is ‘Black Friday’, the ‘busiest shopping day of the year!’

Was it ever thus? Continue reading James Complains About ‘Black Friday – UK’

It’s Just Another Thursday Here

James Proclaims (4)

It didn’t really occur to me when I started this blog that I would have any readers outside of my existing friends and family, and I imagined that even they would probably only give it a cursory glance from time to time, and then only out of a weary sense of loyalty. Continue reading It’s Just Another Thursday Here

When Did ‘Sleep’ Become A Unit Of Time?

James Proclaims (4)

A senior colleague announced today that it’s thirty more sleeps till Christmas.

Maybe for you grandpa, I thought to myself before remembering that I too am now a grownup and and can no longer be found in trendy nightclubs, drinking and dancing till dawn.

Actually was there ever a time when I did that?

Probably not, but the passing of the years has created a foggy recall of the past and I now insist that I enjoyed a misspent youth even if it is mostly fiction. Continue reading When Did ‘Sleep’ Become A Unit Of Time?

A Chicken And Egg Conundrum

I honestly can’t recall
If I started drinking coffee
To combat the resultant fatigue
Of insomnia

Or if the fatigue is born of
An insomnia
That is itself a symptom
Of excessive caffeine consumption

But on a day when I have
An omelette for breakfast
And a Nandos for lunch
There is at least one question
I can answer with certainty

James Reviews James Proclaims

James Proclaims (6)

I haven’t written a ‘James Reviews’ for a while. The original concept was that I’d write reviews about stuff that no-one really needs, or at least stuff no-one really needs a review of. Obviously everyone should own drumstick pencils and a Jedi dressing gown.

But the trouble is that there’s only so often you can make the same joke before, well you’re really just making the same joke.

So I’ve been resting the concept for a while.

I thought I might revive it though because I’m currently attempting NaBloPoMo and I’m finding it hard to think of ideas of stuff to write about every day. Continue reading James Reviews James Proclaims

James Complains About The Inappropriate Disposal Of Disposable Pants

To label the space in front of my house as a ‘garden’ would be somewhat overselling it. A tiny patch of gravel does not constitute a garden. Equally, a few years back, when the estate agent tried to convince me that it was suitable for ‘off-road’ parking, I was also a little sceptical. But my little car does just about fit onto the miniscule plot of land, and the kerb has been dropped, so for insurance purposes I can claim it to be such, and thus I do.

Garden, or undersized parking space, what is without doubt is that the land, however small, does belong to my lovely wife and I. It’s not much but it is ours. Continue reading James Complains About The Inappropriate Disposal Of Disposable Pants

Work-life Unbalance


I think that I might have a problem
It’s not something I can ignore
It’s taking over my life
It’s starting to become a bore

I seem to be spending too much time
Earning my monthly pay
I do quite like to have money
But there must be an easier way

I think it would be so much better
If I could just not go to work
And still be paid the same wages
That would indeed be a perk

I don’t want to seem like I’m lazy
Nor have my intentions misread,
But some days it would be quite nice
To not have to get out of bed

And really I would find it easy
To fill up the time I’d have free
I have bookcases of unread novels
Many films I’d still like to see

So perhaps we could try a new system
Cos right now I’m feeling harassed
And I just think I’d be a lot happier
If working hard was a thing of the past