A Tale Of Bowie, Gatecrashers And Too Much Vodka

James Proclaims (4)

A day after posting a poem that laments the fact that I’m too busy to blog, I find myself shirking my not inconsiderable workload in order to blog again. Which rather belies the message in my last post.

In point of fact I am too busy to post regularly at the moment but I felt it would be wrong of me not to write something in light of David Bowie’s recent passing.

I’m not a huge David Bowie aficionado, which is not to say I don’t appreciate his work. Indeed a compilation of his greatest hits is one of the few ever-presents on my, now-possibly-outdated-but-still-functional-so-really-not-worth-replacing 2nd generation 4GB iPod Nano. But much as I enjoy listening to those seminal tracks on shuffle, it is also proof that I am not a true devotee, because if I was, it wouldn’t be a greatest hit compilation but all of his actual albums. Further proof, if proof were needed, is the fact that the hits compilation I refer to was not even mine to begin with. It’s from the Mrs Proclaims side of our joint music collection. The cooler side if I’m honest. Continue reading A Tale Of Bowie, Gatecrashers And Too Much Vodka