Month: February 2016

Is It Maths Or Chemistry?

With ever-changing specifications, there is an increasing tendency to make exam questions more pertinent to real life. Sensing an opportunity to make my fortune, I’m submitting the question below for the consideration of all of the major UK examination boards. See how you get on with it.

European Disunion

Today is apparently a big day for the UK in terms of our relationship with the rest of Europe. Our beloved Prime Minister, and genuine man of the people (you may detect a hint of sarcasm but I offer no comment), is trying to negotiate a better deal for us, with many predicting that the…

James Does It Himself

Hello dear reader and welcome back to James Proclaims. You catch me in the middle of a construction project. I’m currently building a chest of drawers with my own bare hands. Impressive eh? Admittedly someone has already cut the wood to convenient lengths, predrilled some holes and delivered it to me in a cardboard box…

James Complains About Stupid Retailers

I do most of my shopping online. I’m not especially a cliché of masculinity that detests the idea of actually going into shops. I like going into shops and looking at stuff I might want to own. I’m very much a consumer in spirit and there are lots of things that I think, if I owned…

Having My Cake And Eating It

Why do I avoid The things that are good for me In favour of the things that are bad? I know I’m happier When I’m healthier And usually I’m wealthier Because the bad stuff is more expensive Than the good