I’m sorry that I didn’t
Read that report you wrote
In terms of how to spend last night
It didn’t get my vote

I had a pleasant evening
Went to the pub instead
Returned home rather drunk
And collapsed upon my bed

When I awoke this morning
I was already late
So there really wasn’t time
To read your long mandate

I’m sorry that this meeting
Might seem a waste of time
But am I really guilty
Of such a heinous crime?

I know I should have read it
That’s what you pay me for
But when it comes to writing
You really are a bore

I’d rather face the music
Than have to read that dross
Life is far too short
To always please my boss

But you don’t seem that angry
I don’t think that you can tell
I’ll just smile and keep on nodding
And I think all will be well

8 thoughts on “Unprofessional? Moi?

  1. As one who often wings such things – and with a talent for management speak when required – I feel your pain. As one who also has to write such things – staying up to midnight to do one, a mere few hours before the meeting it was for, because I couldn’t face it writing the damned thing — I felt pain when the meeting was dismissed when we were two thirds through my eloquence.

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