James Proclaims (4)


As of tomorrow morning the Christmas holidays are officially over.

In fact the tree and decorations are coming down today.

I know that Twelfth Night is not for another few days so it might be a bit premature for me to be halting the festivities but frankly it is time.

It is time because Mrs Proclaims and I have eaten all the nice food.

It is time because I’ve drunk all the wine.

It is also time because I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Nothing quite kills the festive mood like having to go to work.

I don’t hate my job by any stretch of the imagination, indeed I genuinely quite like what I do most of the time.

But if I were given the option of maintaining my current lifestyle without the need for gainful employment then I would absolutely grasp that opportunity with both hands.

I could absolutely live without a job. I wouldn’t get bored. There’s loads of ways I could fill my time.

Indeed, I feel there are genuinely areas of my life that regularly get neglected by that annoying time leech that is the daily grind.

If I had more time I could learn another language, I could take up a musical instrument, I could read some of the more seminal literary tomes that have always passed me by, I could volunteer my time to a worthwhile cause, and I could train for some sort of endurance event like a marathon or a triathlon.

There’s so much I could do if only I had the time.

I could do all that.

Obviously I wouldn’t.

What I’d actually do is sit around in my pants, watching box sets and eating junk food.

But I guarantee you that I would not be bored.

4 thoughts on “We Have No Time To Sit And Stare

    1. That seems eminently sensible. Hope the building work is not too intrusive – I suspect 2017 might be the year we finally do some home improvements, but we’re still at the decision making stage, which could yet take some months…


      1. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too intrusive. We’ve got a small extension that was built before we moved in and the roof needs replacing as there is no supporting beam. It’s more of a ‘we need to do this’ than anything else.


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