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Hello people who read my posts. Today is a very exciting day for two reasons, both of which pertain to this very blog.

Firstly, it’s an exciting day because today is my two year blogiversary.

That’s right it’s been two whole years since a slightly younger, slightly greener (in the metaphorical sense of lacking experience rather than literal sense of actually being the colour green) version of me sat at this very desk and typed the first ever post that appeared on ‘James Proclaims’.

Except that isn’t entirely true because the first post on that I published, on this day, twenty-four months ago, was actually just a rehash of a ‘first post’ I’d written for a different, now defunct blog. 

Still it was a start, albeit a rather pessimistic one. In that first post I lamented the fact that I was almost certainly going to give up at this blogging malarkey fairly soon, but look, two years on I’m still going strong.

Well, sort of strong.


I mean this is my first post in three weeks but who’s counting?

Apart from me obviously.

But over the last two years, despite occasional sabbaticals like the one I’ve just had, I’ve been a pretty consistent blogger.

In terms of quantity anyway. Quality is rather less assured on these pages.

But I have churned out a fair amount of content over the last 730 days.

To the extent that this is not only my two year blogiversary post but also my 300th post.

That seems like an achievement right?

300 posts count as a lot by any blogger’s standards.

So it really is a momentous day.

And when I think back to that fateful day in 2015, when I first conceived the idea for ‘James Proclaims’, it didn’t even begin to cross my mind that just two years and three hundred posts later, I would actually be making a living out of blogging and adored by millions of faithful readers the world over.

Which is just as well because that definitely hasn’t happened.

At all.

But what has happened is that my posts have been read and (dare I say it?) enjoyed by not only my nearest and dearest family and friends, but people from all over the world. People I’ve never met, and probably will never meet, but people who brighten up my day by clicking the ’like’ button and leaving encouraging, thoughtful comments on posts that are very often quite literally about nothing.

And through the wonderful world of blogging I have discovered other bloggers who churn out delightful drivel as inane as mine, as well as some who actually have something they want to say and who say it very well indeed.

The blogosphere is a wondrous place where people from all walks of life can mingle in a virtual world that is significantly more pleasant and civilised than other online platforms.

It is a very ‘social’ media indeed.

And so on this momentous day, I invite you all to have a piece of cake and raise a glass of wine in my honour (you will need to provide your own cake and wine though obviously).

And rest assured that I intend to continue sharing my irrelevant thoughts with the internet enough times over the next 12 months to ensure I celebrate my third blogiversary next year.

52 thoughts on “James Attains!

  1. well done old chum; though this does make me wonder if I should upgrade my laptop as to me your gravatar has been green throughout and to be told that you’re actually not is a bit of a blow. And with 300 posts in the locker you can now join in one of those Throwup Tuesdays where people recycle their old stuff like regurgitated carrots. Looking forward to your root vegetable of choice next week; keep (bringing) it up!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Like a that famous, tardy rabbit, I’m running late to the tea party… but congrats on the momentous achievement! I wondered where you’d gone, clearly you were just preparing the cake and bunting 🙂
    I’m not far behind you, I’ll make sure I forward an invite for next month’s shindig.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy 2 years! I’ll raise a glass to your accomplishments, and while I am just as an inconsistent reader as I am blog writer, I do believe I’ve been a subscriber from the start. Cheers to your irreverent writing from your friend in Pennsylvania (USA for those not familiar with the Keystone State), which I think puts me in that category of ‘all over the world.’


    1. You are indeed one of my earliest subscribers and for that I will always be grateful – and indeed as far as I’m concerned you are from ‘all over the world’. I’d like to make ‘James Attains’ a new category but that might mean having to actually go out and do some stuff. I’ll give it some thought 🙂


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