A Truly Tremendous And Amazing Year. Like, The Best Of All The Years. A Great Great Year.

Happy Trumpiversary everyone!

Ok so it’s not actually been a year since the great man took office, but it is a year since he shocked the world by winning the presidential election, and, for some of us in the UK, managed to compound the trauma of Brexit.

Gosh the liberal elite were shown a thing or two in 2016, weren’t they?

Anyway, it’s been a year since that happened and I think that’s cause for celebration.

Because, despite predictions to the contrary, the world hasn’t ended.


I mean it’s a much scarier world and Armageddon is obviously just a matter of time, but I, for one, am grateful to still be alive at this juncture.

This time last year I made the bold prediction that there was no way that once Trump took office he could sustain the same level of infantile, objectionable behaviour he had shown during his campaign, cos surely, he would have to tone it down a bit once he was actually in charge of stuff.

I may have slightly misjudged that one…