As Easy As ABC

James Proclaims (4)

As my output on this blog is currently quite prolific, I thought I might partake in another blogging challenge. Specifically the A-Z blogging challenge, in which the purpose is to write 26 posts in 26 days throughout April (there are admittedly 30 days in April but you you get four Sundays off so it all works out mathematically) , each focusing on a different letter of the alphabet. I did this challenge in 2016 and I found it to be more than a little taxing. This was partly because I hadn’t really understood the rules and just leapt into the challenge without any real direction. I did succeed in writing 26 posts, focusing on each of the letters in turn, but without having any kind of theme underpinning my efforts, it all got a bit boring very quickly and I persisted through to ‘z’ out of sheer stubbornness, with all the joy long having abandoned me by the letter ‘u’. Genuinely it was probably the nadir of my whole blogging journey to date. You can check out my abysmal efforts here.

Frankly I thought the whole thing was best avoided in 2017, but, as I’m currently in pretty good blogging-shape, I thought it might be time to re-join the blogosphere’s premier mass participation event for 2018.

Also I have a theme for this year, which should certainly help to keep things ticking along.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post, for today is officially the day when participants of the A-Z Challenge are supposed to share their chosen theme with the world.

And who am I to defy this fine convention?

So, with that preamble out of the way, I can happily reveal that, starting on the 1st April, my A-Z blogging challenge will be to write about a different character from a beloved cartoon of my youth.

They will predominantly be eighties cartoons, for that was the era in which I watched the most animation, but for the sake of a few awkward letters (I’m looking at you ‘x’!) I may need to borrow from the nineties on occasion.

So join me in April, when my usual staples, such as Magic Penguin, James Explains et al, will be taking a much deserved rest in order to make room for an A-Z festival of nostalgia!

Obviously feel free to continue joining me for the rest of March when I will continue to post my usual nonsense on a daily basis.