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Hello, I’m James and this is my latest post on a blog I like to call James Proclaims.

It’s not really a blog about weight-loss or fitness, although occasionally I have used my own lacklustre attempts to improve my health and wellbeing as the basis for some of my posts, which for the most part are meant to be amusing rather than inspirational.

I can’t tell you how to lose weight and feel great in three simple steps. I doubt there are three simple steps. Assuming you have no underlying medical conditions, if you eat healthily and do a reasonable amount of exercise you’ll probably be fine. I don’t think there are any obvious short-cuts, but I’m no expert. I don’t wish to dismiss how difficult it is to eat healthily and do regular exercise either – I find both to be soul-destroyingly difficult. Nonetheless, I think that is the only route that will yield results.

Obviously if you’re a regular visitor, you’ll have probably worked out that the title for the post was a continuation of a theme I started last week, when I decided to write a post with an obvious click-bait title to see if it attracted more people to my blog. I mainly did it for a laugh, but I also learned a valuable lesson. Which was that writing click-bait titles that have little or nothing to do with your post does actually work, if your sole goal is to attract more visitors to your blog.

And to be fair, although I did acquire some new ‘bot’ followers, I also did get lots of comments and engagement from real people. I was unduly rewarded for my Machiavellian ways and it was a busier day than normal over here at James Proclaims Towers*. Certainly, busy enough for me to try the same trick again this week.

Last week’s click-bait title was specifically pitched at other bloggers, and ultimately, although my post did not help anyone to generate additional followers for their blogs, the post in question was at least about the whole concept of blog followers, so hopefully none of my new visitors left feeling hugely short-changed.

It would only seem fair, then, to dedicate the rest of this post to the topic of weight loss.

But that does seem a bit boring.

So, I’m not going to do that.


*I’m trying out ‘James Proclaims Towers’ as the new blog nickname for my home. You obviously don’t know what my house looks like, but if you did, you would know that ‘James Proclaims Towers’ is hilariously ironic.

23 thoughts on “Lose Weight And Feel Great In Three Simple Steps

  1. I do like the James Proclaims Towers folly you’re attempting to foist. Be warned however, any overindulgence of cheap tacky gold in the colour scheme or attempts to build a golf course in the front garden and I’m outta here…

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  2. Damn. And here I thought you’d found a magic weight loss pill, you know…. the one that won’t give you constant diarrhea. Tres disappointing.
    Please fling yourself off your Tower immediately.

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  3. James Proclaims Towers is a nice name. I don’t mind the clickbait titles, either because I am probably going to read the whole thing no matter what it’s called. How does Mr’s Proclaims like it now that she has moved to the more upscale sounding Towers? Er, you don’t keep her in the tower, I hope.

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  4. Well, I guess if you’re having fun then cheers, but you write intelligently, so if you build that skill on subjects you enjoy with great titles, titles are key to success, then Google will rank your site, and readers will come. Takes time, 37 weeks for each article to begin ranking, but it’s a rewarding journey to figure out how to make it all work without tricks. (; I visited because I love James Proclaims and the green sun.. figured there was something cool behind it. And there is! So I vote for real James Proclaims..

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    1. I’m definitely not averse to genuine success – the click bait titles are just a bit of light-hearted satire rather than my misguided master plan but I’m glad you like the green sun and the name of the blog (because I really like those too) and I’m always happy to take on board the advice of someone who knows what they’re talking about – which you obviously do 😀


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