24 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up

  1. If I have pancakes for breakfast, I think to myself, “That was GREAT. I should ALWAYS have pancakes for breakfast”… but I don’t because, if I did, I’d eventually find a way to eat them for lunch and dinner, too…

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    1. I remember having to adapt somewhat when I lived in Paris. I could fashion something approximating a ‘full English’ but it was never quite the same. Lardons are not bacon. Is Belgium any better?

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      1. It is, much better. I can find proper bacon if I look for it, although I have to be a bit careful as it can be very thinly cut sometimes. More positively, black pudding is pretty easily available under the delightful name of bloedworst, or blood sausage.

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  2. It was only after the 845th bowl of medically prescribed no-added sugar muesli that I finally became immune to the delicate aroma of Mrs S cooking a bacon sandwich for her breakfast, hence can now happily report that ‘second breakfast’, involving a second batch of bacon sandwiches being made, is finally ‘not a thing’.

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    1. I know I’ve already hit an age when I should be making better decisions regarding breakfast and Mrs P is a vegetarian so it should, theoretically, be easier for me. But I think I misplaced my willpower somewhere in 1997 or thereabouts…


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