Oh paperback of little worth
Why I bought you I do not know
Within your plot there is a dearth
Of a hint of narrative flow
Clichés so bad they hurt my head
Humour that leaves me without mirth
I’ve gone as far as I can go
And I will leave the rest unread

27 thoughts on “Lost In A Bad Book

  1. Oh so true. Theres a price to pay when you pick up the three -for- a -fiver at the paper Plus.
    It was a long hard and boring road
    Working my way through the Da Vinci Code,
    Even with half a spare hour to sit me down
    I found it difficult digesting Dan Brown.

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    1. The genius of Dan Brown is that he has written the same bad novel about five or six times and just changed a few of the names and he has made a fortune from it. I would write a bad novel if I could make that kind of money…

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  2. I read a book like that. It was a spy novel with “Robert Ludlum” in big letters on the cover. It was terrible. About halfway through, I looked at the cover again. It read, “Based on a character created by ROBERT LUDLUM”. The real author’s name was in tiny letters.

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  3. I know that feeling a bit too well. I have picked up a number of free e-books over the past year or so. Even though they didn’t cost anything, I still think I paid too much.

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  4. Seems this ditty has definitely struck a cord.
    Having endured a bad book seems to be almost a completely universal experience.
    For a future post James, how about some well-thought-out lines dedicated to the ‘ol bad film experience?

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  5. Ah yes… bad books. What I find REALLY frustrating is when I keep going, convinced that it will improve. When I reach the end and find it hasn’t, I feel cheated. Especially at the current time when a bit of escapism is as vital to pir survival as food and water.


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