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Do you remember 90’s heartthrob Vincent Montcetti, star of teen comedy ‘Saved By The Prince’?

It seems unlikely because I just made him up. And I made up the show too. The photo above is just something I found on one of those websites that has royalty-free images. I have no idea who the bloke in the picture is. He could conceivably be called Vincent Montcetti but he probably isn’t.

If there really was a show called ‘Saved By The Prince’ and it really did have a star called Vincent Montcetti then I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any genuine fans who clicked onto this post hoping to read about their favourite former teen idol.

Although, I’m not that sorry because if there were such a person as Vincent Montcetti, then the ‘clickbait’ title of the post could really only have enticed you here to see what he looks like now. And the implication of the title was that, if he once was something of heartthrob, then he isn’t any more. So shame on you for wanting to revel in someone falling off the pedestal that you once put him on.

I imagine most people are here because they often frequent my blog and they’ve worked out that this is the latest entry in my current ‘blog project’ of giving some of my posts ‘click-bait’ titles to see if more people visit my site as a result. This is my third week of doing this and frankly the last two efforts did yield more visitors than would be normal. I doubt this is actually a good thing, because I can’t imagine many of those additional visitors stuck around.

Still, I expect I’ll post a few more click-bait titles in the coming weeks.

It’s a flawed methodology for attracting new readers but the comments sections of those posts have been highly amusing.

37 thoughts on “Remember Vincent Montcetti? You Won’t Believe What He Looks Like Now!

      1. I watched (part of) one episode, and it was exactly the same, just different actors. You’d think they’d have come up with some original “take” at least. You know you mentioned the remake of Independence Day being crap??????

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  1. Isn’t it strange how his arms have got so much longer since he had that jacket made? And thinner too, judging by how his watch has slipped down off his wrist. Perhaps he’s been starving and not worked much since the glory years of ‘Saved by the Prince’.

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  2. Your click-bait titles make me think of my shameless self-promotion in my comments on your blog for my blog, thelonelymeatball.ca. Also, I want you to know that I was really looking forward to seeing a fat, bald Vincent so I am feeling somewhat cheated.

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    1. Exactly! As a substitute, check out Leonard Whiting who was Franco Zeffirelli’s beautiful Romeo! Time is indeed the great leveller, although, in fairness, he hasn’t turned into Quasimodo Nonetheless, it’s a comfort to know that no one escapes.

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  3. How dare you disparage Vinny Mmmmmonty? He was, and remains , a stellar star here in Back Water, County Ruritania. He’s moved on from ‘Prince’ to ‘King- Run Of The Mill’ and then a recurring supporting role in CSI Miasma. He will always be the epitome of cool to myself and other likewise bimbettes. Yours breathlessly, Charisma Tingle-Extremeties, Secretary in perpetuity, Prince Vincent Moncetti Fan Club.

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