Once I wrote a poem and it wasn’t very good
I put it on this blog though I wasn’t sure I should
It was quite well-received even though it was so bad
It got more ‘likes’ than better posts and this made me sad

I wondered if it was worth putting much effort in
If  my most ‘liked’ posts were ones I’d prefer to bin
On the other hand though, it gave me pause for thought
Perhaps I had been trying harder than I ought

And so bad poetry became a thing I’d write
When all my other musings seemed a little trite
I’ve butchered many forms, there’s not much I won’t do
Poor odes and awful limericks and vacuous haiku

But though they are all bad, I can still get much worse
For few horrors can compare to my attempts at free verse
And though this poem rhymes it isn’t any better
Though it is quite self-aware and possibly meta

19 thoughts on “A Bad Poem About A Different Bad Poem

    1. We’re our own harshest critics although if I were to acknowledge that I thought this was good it would possibly diminish the poem so I have to remain ‘in character’ for now…

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  1. My dear old Nan always said to me ‘Talent will out’.
    That’s when I knew that she didn’t like my poetry and my mate Will Out had more talent than me.

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      1. Oh, very droll, now my friend Moll
        is neither in nor out
        she’s somewhat undecided why
        and can’t even think of a way to carry on with this verse which is not free as you will receive an invoice post haste. So there!

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  2. I think what’s interesting about all your writing is that the reader gets a sense of who you are, and you are interesting, primarily because you see the humour in simple things and you have an entertaining, unaffected voice. (I don’t mean to be so serious, but that is what I like about your writing.).

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