Welcome back to Artist’s Corner, the bit of my blog in which I peddle the same material week after week in the hope that no-one really notices. The conceit is quite simple. I draw a picture, my very-nearly-two-year-old daughter adds a touch of colour and then I post it on here and pretend it’s art.

I’d probably have stopped doing this weeks ago but the comments section has continued to amuse me, as a number of people seem to delight in posting ludicrously intellectual reviews of the ‘art’.

Hopefully they’ll do that this week too, or I could end up looking a bit silly.

Anyway, without further ado, allow me to present this weeks oeuvre. It is simply called ‘Mouse’.


28 thoughts on “Mouse

  1. Once more the duo draw that fine between anarchy, as shown by the refusal to stay between arbitrary enclosures of the subject, and jocose whimsicality. This kind of avant garde artistic bravado leaves the typical anthromorphasised mouse, as personified in the historic Disney depictions, looking a miserable mouse, a redundant rodent. One wonders what the artistic world will see when the work further matures. We await with antici… pation.

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  2. The bold use of aqua is a bold and refreshing symbol of the joy that comes from living in the middle of the ocean on an island while the underlying hostility of the dark orange shows the artiste’s true feelings. The black streak means death. Death to all mice! Nasty little creatures that belong drowned in the ocean. Er, which I am sure is what the artists meant to say…

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  3. An interesting example of collaborative artwork, combining a naive mouse motif with a highly sophisticated abstract expression of unbridled joie de vivre. Given that two artists contributed to this work we are of course confronted by the question of who contributed what. Looking at the internal evidence of the picture, it seems likely that the mouse was drawn by the younger artist, whilst the more seasoned and experienced collaborator added the moving rendition of utter joy.

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  4. The artist shows us that color is the primary means for sparking dialogue between artifice and nature. His uncanny ability to embody natural phenomena in apparently chance directions and at the same time present a picture of that embodiment is a radical departure from the norm.

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      1. I have put together a pencil case. Will that do? You can keep your very important marking pencils in it and, maybe, Miss Proclaims could share it for her colouring pens and pencils. However, when I used the parts of compelling to make my case I find I am left with Glom. What am I to do with that!

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