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An Ode To Wasting Time

There are many hours I spend Watching boxsets on my screen Though I don’t know to what end Because I can’t say that I’m keen The mis-en-scene is flawed And the acting is quite weak Yet I still sit and stare Completely under-awed Though one positive critique Is the comfort of my chair

We Have No Time To Sit And Stare

As of tomorrow morning the Christmas holidays are officially over. In fact the tree and decorations are coming down today. I know that Twelfth Night is not for another few days so it might be a bit premature for me to be halting the festivities but frankly it is time. It is time because Mrs…

Three Wishes

If I had three wishes I’d really like to believe I’d wish for peace on Earth All suffering, I’d relieve But if I’m really honest I doubt that I’d do that I’d wish for a box-set, beer and pizza And spend the evening getting fat