Welcome to ‘James Proclaims’!

I’ve called this blog ‘James Proclaims’ because my name is James and ‘Proclaims’ rhymes with James. It’s a clever name for a blog when you think about it. Long ago I used to write a column for my university newsletter. I called it ‘James Explains’. But ‘Explains’ doesn’t rhyme with James, so it wasn’t really as good as ‘James Proclaims’. Personally I think that’s real evidence of growth on my part.

The main point of ‘James Proclaims’ is…

…well I don’t really know the point is. I hope one day to take over the world, but I’m not sure how this blog will help me to achieve that. It can’t hurt though…

I think it’s probably wise not to take anything you read here too seriously. Except the taking over the world thing. I’m definitely going to do that.

If you’re a first time visitor, you might need a little help finding your way around, so I’ve created this handy guide to help.

Every Sunday I will be complaining about

Every Tuesday I will write something

Friday’s ‘Story Time’ is my weekly attempt

Every Sunday I will be complaining about (1)

Every Sunday I will be complaining about (2)



You can’t label everything, but I have difficulty

Hope that’s all clear enough!


66 thoughts on “About James Proclaims

  1. Hi James, your writing is humourous and fun to read.
    I like your reviews on just about any product, even the dictionary!
    I started off my blog too focusing on reviews because I want to be helpful by providing more information.

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  2. James, I am delighted to have you follow my blog as opposed to following me—which by the way would leave you totally lost as I have been told I never leave loaves, much less crumbs to follow. And your desire to not be taken seriously, suggest that your decision to follow my blog was probably no more than a momentary lapse in your normally good judgement. Therefore, I shall resist any temptation to write dramatic material in the near future, as I could use every follower I can get. Thank you very much for following, James. :@)

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  3. Hopping over from L on Skill Up Skillet. Congratulations on your nomination!

    Explains to Proclaims definitely shows a world of growth. Your writing is so good it makes someone like me (who believes exercise is Lucifer’s way of giving us a taste of Hell) want to run out and buy a 16kg kettle ball. It is portable after all.

    Proclaim away James!

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  4. Found you through Prei, and yup, you seem like you’re funny, idk. You made me laugh, so here you go, you’re getting one step closer to world domination.

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  5. Crystal clear and I very much hope that you will take over the world – and laughter will be the one and only killer disease 😀 Off to read what James likes to Complain about

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  6. I might like it here or hear I might like it; either way, and there are either or ways clearly I’ll give things a whirl. And you followed me first (which should be as creepy as all hell but is apparently a thing; and I suppose you have to be allowed to acknowledge your own bloguality in a post truth world, or a truth post world) so, now I’m here… you’re it! And thanks but I prefer my personal space

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  7. The goals and aims of James Proclaims are obvious to me
    I haven’t read a post yet so just how can that be
    I think I’m going to like your blog but only time will tell
    Can I join in to rule the world and give ol’ Trumpy hell?

    With poetry, I must agree, it’s difficult I think
    Some verses worse, and some are yuk, and others simply stink
    I wish to thank you for the like, invite you to read more
    and now I’ll stop, before I start to soon become a bore!

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  8. I love how you have explained and have different sections to this blog – there’s definitely something for everyone here and I’m grateful for that! Really well designed blog site too mate! 😃🙏💛

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