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My name is James and I don’t live by conventional rules. Right now, as I write this, I’m sipping coffee from a mug which has the word ‘tea’ written on it. I don’t own any ‘days of the week’ socks, but if I did, I would be more than comfortable wearing the ‘Friday’ socks on a Wednesday (I never wear odd socks though – that’s just anarchy). If there was a plate of biscuits on the table and only one Jammie Dodger left and everyone else was being too polite to take it, I would swoop in and eat it with scant regard for social niceties. That’s just how I roll (although conversely, saying things like “that’s just how I roll” is very much out of character).

I’m originally from Wales. That’s where I grew up. In a small town almost equidistant between Cardiff and Swansea, which is probably the most noteworthy thing there is to say about that particular town.

I did, for a small number of years, live in Paris.

This blog would be significantly more interesting if I still lived in Paris.

But now I live in Reading. People who don’t live in Reading sometimes think that Reading must be a rubbish place to live. But it’s ok really. If Reading were to have a tagline it could be something like:

“Reading – it’s not as bad as you think.”

I’m happily married to someone who really could do better, but if you don’t tell her then I won’t either.

I’m a qualified teacher. Sometimes I use that qualification to help me pay the bills.

In real life I look a bit like the person in this photo:


29 thoughts on “Who is James?

    1. Well thanks – not entirely sure I understand what it is, but then I am very new to all this. Coming from you though, it is indeed an honour and you’ve earned yourself a ‘like’ from me – and I’ll comment on your post once I can think of something suitably witty…

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  1. I love this, cos I lived and taught in Reading (in prospect – if you know it). It was an interesting experience. I was told I was safe, and the childer called each other “blood”. It is a strange, but lovely town. Just avoid the chavs on bikes!

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    1. I know Prospect very well! I’ve not taught there (yet!) but we had a few of their ‘harder to manage’ kids in the unit I’ve been working in for the last couple of years. Definitely one of the nicer schools to work with, although the kids were nuts!

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  2. You had this American laughing her ass off, and you’ve made it to the top of my favorite blogger list. I’d nominate you for an award if I didn’t think they were bogus. I can’t wait to read your writing and learn more about you and your place in the world. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Hey! first things first, I found this blog on Community Pool! And well, I don’t think that by any chance your tagline stands true. I read some of your posts, and they were great! Very smart and creative features and posts!! keep Going. For that matter, even I am quite new to all this… Give my site a visit too if you may…

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