Throwing Stones


The other day
I overheard two colleagues
Disparaging another colleague
(Behind that colleague’s back)
For being overweight

It irritated me
For several reasons
Not least because
Although I’m not above
The clandestine critiquing of others
I would like to think
That I would never do so
For reasons so shallow
And unkind
As these people did

But it also occurred to me
That while the person who was the subject
Of the condemnation
Is indeed overweight
The two people passing judgment
Could also stand to lose a few pounds
And ultimately were being somewhat hypocritical

But then I worried
That in disapproving of them
I too was being hypocritical
Because although I would be confident
In declaring myself healthier and fitter
Than either of them
It definitely wouldn’t hurt me
To cut down on the snacks

Then again, I only judged them
On the basis that they
Were judging someone else
So maybe I’m not as bad as them
When all is said and done

Of course, I kept my thoughts to myself
And didn’t challenge them
After all, how could they know
I could hear their every word
Just because they were speaking loudly
Outside the room that they knew I was working in?
It’s not like they were talking about me
And the person they were discussing
Was blissfully unaware of the conversation
So, I just left well enough alone

I’m not sure what the moral of this story is
Possibly there is no moral at all
Or maybe it’s something about
Glass houses and stones
Which always confused me
Because who would build a house out of glass?
Unless the saying is about greenhouses,
But then why not just say greenhouses?
Anyway, it’s probably best not to throw stones
Indoors at all
Because most buildings have windows