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An Ode To Writer’s Block

Today I lacked a muse There was nothing to inspire I searched the room for cues To lift me out the mire But of writer’s block cures There was not much to choose Nothing to light the fire So my writers block endures

A Poem About How Toilet Roll Went Away (Lest We Forget)

So rare once upon a timeNow in plentiful supplyYour absence was a real crime It never made much sense whyYou vanished from all the storesScarcity that made us cry And long queues outside shop doorsAfter panic most undueCaused multiple bog roll wars So it’s true that we missed youBecause many things may changeBut we’ll always…

A Stupid Ode To My Socks

Oh threadbare socks upon my feetWhat gripping stories could you tell?To hear them would be such a treatI bet they intrigue and compelYou have been here, you have been thereYou have walked down many a streetAnd you have acquired quite a smellSo I must switch to a new pair

The Age Of Envy

I don’t know if it’s a modern phenomenonOr just something that has become more evidentThanks to the prevalence of social mediaBut I’ve noticed that some people apparently feel the needTo claim that their accomplishmentsAre more impressive than they probably areIt’s the kind of thing that one might expectFrom politicians and so-called celebrities But I think…

The Intent Behind This Poem Could Be Romantic Or It Could Be Laziness. I Like To Think It’s A Little Of Both

I like a hot beverageAlmost any time of dayAnd if it’s not made how I like itI’ll drink it anyway My preference is coffeeBut to avoid confusionI’ll happily drink teaAnd accept a fruit infusion Some drinks can be refreshingAnd some quite stimulatingWhile herbal ones I findAre often more sedating Sometimes I like to thinkThat I…

A Touch Of Insincerity

The last thing I wanted to do today was upset you But I’ve been feeling quite stressed Because I’ve had so much to do A really long list of things I intended to complete And frankly I was worried that I wouldn’t have time So it’s come as something of a relief That I have…

An Ode To Wasting Time

There are many hours I spend Watching boxsets on my screen Though I don’t know to what end Because I can’t say that I’m keen The mis-en-scene is flawed And the acting is quite weak Yet I still sit and stare Completely under-awed Though one positive critique Is the comfort of my chair

A Bad Poem About A Different Bad Poem

Once I wrote a poem and it wasn’t very good I put it on this blog though I wasn’t sure I should It was quite well-received even though it was so bad It got more ‘likes’ than better posts and this made me sad I wondered if it was worth putting much effort in If …