The Super Duper Looper – It’s the Only Way!

James Proclaims (4)

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And so this is Christmas – almost.

Around this time every year I try and cram watching as many Christmas films as I can before the ‘big day’.

I enjoy a good festive flick but it’s a weird little idiosyncrasy of mine that I refuse to watch Christmas films after the 25th December. Even though I’m off work until early January and there’s a whole week of ‘not doing much’ between Christmas and New Year (that some people refer to as Twixmas) which would be perfect for sitting around and watching Christmas-themed films, I find that if I haven’t watched a Christmas film by Christmas Eve, I’m probably not going to watch it until next December.

But from mid-December up until Christmas Eve, I do like to watch as many as I can. There are, of course, too many cherished festive films for me to watch all of them every year, but equally there are some that, if I don’t get to watch them, then, while it might be an exaggeration to say Christmas would be ruined, I would certainly feel more than a little put out.

And the thing is, they aren’t necessarily the best of the genre. Indeed, although some are indeed fine examples of exactly what makes a great Christmas film, others make the list because of a mawkish nostalgia – I watch them because I’ve always watched them but these days I’m no longer certain that I actually like them all that much.

Still I watch them nonetheless. Continue reading The Super Duper Looper – It’s the Only Way!