Badge Of Honour

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A few weeks ago I got a letter from my local household recycling centre. I wasn’t expecting them to write to me. I’ve always had a very functional relationship with the place.

If I have stuff I want to get rid of, I drive there and hurl the offending items into one of the designated areas (‘miscellaneous junk mail’ into the ‘Paper and Card’ section, ‘grass cuttings’ into the ‘Garden Waste’ section, ‘broken kettle’ into the ‘Small Appliances’ section etc. – it’s all very clearly marked out and every unwanted article can be united with other uncherished and malfunctioning items of a similar ilk).

I am a big fan of the service provided by my local recycling centre. I have more than my fair share of accumulated junk to dispose of and three years after moving into our current abode, Mrs Proclaims and I are still coming across various boxes and bags containing items that we’d both long forgotten. Indeed, we are often perplexed to discover things that we were certain we’d already thrown out. Continue reading Badge Of Honour

R Is For Reading

James Proclaims (4)


R is for Reading and also for reading.

When it is written with a capital ‘R’and pronounced as ‘redding’ it’s a town in Berkshire and the place where I live.

When it’s written with a lower case ‘r’ (or uppercase if it’s at the beginning of a sentence) and pronounced ‘reeding’ then it’s the act of decoding the written word. Continue reading R Is For Reading

James Complains About The Etiquette Of Waving When On A Boat

I often go on river cruises when I’m on holiday. I’ve been on river cruises in Paris (I technically lived in Paris at the time but so many years have passed that now it feels like it was just a really long holiday…) Amsterdam, Vienna, Boston (as in Boston – Massachusetts rather than Boston – Lincolnshire, although I do have the rare privilege of having been to both Bostons) and probably other places that escape my recollection for the moment. Continue reading James Complains About The Etiquette Of Waving When On A Boat