James Proclaims (4)


R is for Reading and also for reading.

When it is written with a capital ‘R’and pronounced as ‘redding’ it’s a town in Berkshire and the place where I live.

When it’s written with a lower case ‘r’ (or uppercase if it’s at the beginning of a sentence) and pronounced ‘reeding’ then it’s the act of decoding the written word.

Decoding the written word can be an enjoyable activity when the written word is in a novel or a poem. It’s less enjoyable when the written word features in an operational manual for a kitchen appliance. But it’s still essential to read that manual if you want to operate the kitchen appliance safely.

As a place to live, Reading is quite good. It has excellent links to London but also a lot of amenities in its own right.

I like living in Reading and I like the activity of reading.

Because I live in Reading, I do a lot of my reading in Reading.

Sometimes I find myself reading in Reading and I stop and laugh at the irony.

Which is in itself ironic because there isn’t much irony in the concept of reading in Reading.



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