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An Ode To Wasting Time

There are many hours I spend Watching boxsets on my screen Though I don’t know to what end Because I can’t say that I’m keen The mis-en-scene is flawed And the acting is quite weak Yet I still sit and stare Completely under-awed Though one positive critique Is the comfort of my chair

Life Style

With a mug of supposedly ‘artisan’ coffee (at least according to the packaging from which he had extracted the pod) in one hand and his brand new, state of the art, smartphone in the other, Ronald opened up the supermarket app and attempted to complete his weekly grocery shop from the comfort of his cream…

Sofa So Good

Oh hallowed throne of relaxation I sit here in shallow content Though there may be some procrastination That wasn’t my intent For while I may have much to do Tasks I should complete I shall not achieve much today For I’m only on episode two Of a boxset that is quite a treat So on…