Oh hallowed throne of relaxation
I sit here in shallow content
Though there may be some procrastination
That wasn’t my intent
For while I may have much to do
Tasks I should complete
I shall not achieve much today
For I’m only on episode two
Of a boxset that is quite a treat
So on the sofa I shall stay

9 thoughts on “Sofa So Good

  1. Ouch, the couch is fighting back
    it thinks the series’ daft
    it’s told me I must switch it off
    I looked at it and laughed!

    That was, until my leg was lost
    behind the couch’s cushion
    and in marched all the couch’s kin
    I think they must be Russian

    They certainly did come in fast
    and set about my person
    So off to bed to rest my head
    I go with profane cursin’.

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