Jedi James


Time again for another ‘Artist’s Corner’.

Once again I’m participating in the Moodle Army Challenge from Haylee’s Aloada Bobbins.


I wasn’t really sure how to interpret this one to be honest. Disappointingly I couldn’t think of a clever play on words. I considered drawing a half man/half horse combination in space and dubbing it ‘The Centaur of the Universe’ but that seemed beyond my level of artistic skill and, also, I’m not sure it would have been that funny. We’ll never know though because I didn’t do that.

Instead I thought an appropriately tenuous link might be to just to draw something space-related. Continue reading Jedi James

James Reviews – A Jedi Themed Dressing Gown

This dressing gown is a must have. When you’ve had a tough day fighting Sith lords and Stormtroopers, there’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing in one of these luxurious robes. Equally if the force isn’t quite as strong with you, or you’re now in your mid-thirties and therefore ‘too old to begin the training’, then there’s nothing to stop you from buying one of these and just pretending that you’re a Jedi.

jedi gown

Like I do.

All of the time. Continue reading James Reviews – A Jedi Themed Dressing Gown

Je Me Fous Du Passé

James Proclaims (4)

I’m 36. I’m ok with that. Age is just a number really. You’re as old as you feel and all that.

I spent most of my late teens and early twenties either drunk or with a hangover, so I’ve generally felt healthier since I arrived in my late twenties. I’m not exactly a changed man,  I still drink, I’m mildly bleary eyed as I write this, following a few post work beers with my colleagues, but I don’t quite hit the excesses of my youth anymore.

I’ve also been in a relationship with my other half for nine years and even though we probably argue several times a day, we make each other happy. Well she makes me happy anyway. Continue reading Je Me Fous Du Passé