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Definitively Depressing Democracy

Today is Blue Monday. Apparently, this is what the cool kids now call the third Monday in January. It’s supposedly the most depressing day of the year. And it’s absolutely a real thing and not just some concept originally made up by a travel agent in 2005 to sell more holidays. So, if you’re feeling…

James Complains About Brexit

“The terrible irony is that the vast majority of the people who voted to leave are the ones who will be most adversely affected. The most extreme example of turkeys voting for Christmas I can recall.”   This morning I was awoken gently by  Mrs Proclaims who broke the news to me of Britain’s collective…

James Complains About The Referendum

Today there is a referendum on whether or not Britain remains part of the European Union. Today we as a nation decide whether to Brexit or not to Brexit. I wrote about it back in February. Back then it seemed like the distant future, but lo and behold, we’re here in the future.

European Disunion

Today is apparently a big day for the UK in terms of our relationship with the rest of Europe. Our beloved Prime Minister, and genuine man of the people (you may detect a hint of sarcasm but I offer no comment), is trying to negotiate a better deal for us, with many predicting that the…

The votes are in!

Last week I decided to peer review my tagline. It was quite an exciting day in blogging terms. I created a poll and invited the world at large to choose between my existing tagline and two new ones.