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Last week I decided to peer review my tagline. It was quite an exciting day in blogging terms. I created a poll and invited the world at large to choose between my existing tagline and two new ones.

The choices were:

(a) The irreverent and irrelevant ramblings of a man who hasn’t really got anything to say, but is going to say it anyway…

(b) The wit and wisdom of a man who has neither…

(c) Don’t laugh; you’ll only encourage him…

It was certainly enlightening and I’m pretty overwhelmed by how many people interacted with me that day, on this blog, and via other forms of social media, so thanks for that!

The two which seemed to garner the most vocal support were (a) and (c). Supporters of (a) were adamant that I shouldn’t have to change my tagline if I didn’t want to, whereas supporters of (c) thought that change was well overdue.

Interestingly, fewest people seemed to convey any opinions regarding  (b) but ultimately, when I looked at the results of the poll, (b) was the clear winner.

I’m relieved – it was my wife’s favourite and I probably should just have listened to her to begin with.

I think on balance it was my favourite too, although I’d have been happy with any of them. Someone suggested to me that it sounded a bit like Oscar Wilde might have said it. I’ve done a few paranoid Google searches to see if he did, because I do think I might have accidently paraphrased something he did say, but I can’t find the direct quote, so for now we’ll just have to assume that I am as clever as Oscar Wilde…

Speaking of quotes, I realised I had a fridge-magnet with a Shakespeare quote on it that might have been ideal. It’s from Twelfth Night (a play I have actually studied lest you judge me for my fridge-magnet buying habits)

The quote is:

Better a witty fool than a foolish wit

That’s definitely better than anything I could have come up with.

So on balance we can conclude that I’m about as good as Oscar Wilde but not quite as good as Shakespeare.

If that were remotely true, I would be genuinely happy, but I think I’m some way off being quoted on t-shirts, mugs and other people’s blogs, so I’m no Oscar Wilde just yet…

So there we go. A new tagline has been chosen. Democracy works.

If your particular favourite didn’t get chosen, then don’t lose heart. This is, after all, a fairly facile blog and none of this really matters.

But I had fun and surely that’s the most important thing of all…

25 thoughts on “The votes are in!

  1. Dear James 🙂

    The very first time I visited this blog I voted for the second and communicated about it in the commons, so it’s an honor for me that it has been selected as your tagline finally. 🙂

    I also agree that you are as clever as Wilde. A little practice would make you reach Bard too, I hope. 🙂

    I wish you very best. I enjoy reading your witty posts and would keep doing so in days to come.

    Have a nice day ahead 🙂


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  2. I love this with a big ole Double Stuffed Oreo Cookie dunked in milk kind of love. But…honestly, as a wife of 33 years, you are right.
    You should have listened to your wife to begin with…We always know best, so why disagree… It’s truly a losing proposition for hubbies…

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  3. I’m not terribly concerned about possible plagarism, but someone needs to change your spellcheck to “favorite” and “realize”, although do keep tyre, ‘cuz I fancy it. Shakespeare pretty nifty, too. ( Love your blog!)

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  4. The spell check already agrees with you because it is American like you. While I agree that most American spellings make more sense than the British spellings, I am British and I have to spell things the British way otherwise my entire understanding of how the English language works would be compromised and I wouldn’t be able to blog at all…


  5. I didn’t see your survey when it was posted, but I definitely would have voted for B. Your comment about your frantic google search made me chuckle, as it’s something I would have done. I often doubt that any clever thoughts I have are actually my own – probably a result of reading too much! ha!

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    1. It true, reading is probably the reason I ever have any good ideas but I’m never 100% sure that anything good is really my own. But then lots of people seem to have made very successful writing careers out of plagiarising the ideas of others so maybe we shouldn’t worry about it so much…


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