Just What Is It All About?

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After yesterday’s lack of endeavour, I had really made an effort with today’s post. I was going to publish it this morning, but when I checked my emails I discovered that I’d signed up for a blogging course, run by WordPress, called Blogging 101. Part of the course is a daily assignment.

I’ve shelved today’s post because I follow a very strict rule of blogging once a day at most, even though I was certain from the outset that I’d be straining at the leash to write more, due to my incredibly fertile mind. All my extra ideas were to be kept in a file on my desktop, which I’ve cleverly called my ‘Blog Bank’.

Actually what I’ve discovered is that blogging daily is way too often, so today is the first day I’ve actually made a deposit in the ‘Blog Bank’. It’s a post about the perils of triangles, so watch out for that one when it finally makes it to the front page. It’s a zinger.

Anyway, I’ve started Blogging 101 in order to become a better blogger, because I’ve got something like 20 people following me at this point and at least fifteen of you are real people and you deserve a better ‘James Proclaims’. Continue reading Just What Is It All About?

Baking Bad

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As I’ve stated previously, I enjoy a coffee on my way into to work of a morning. I’ve also shared the fact that I enjoy breakfast. Sometimes I combine these two pleasures and purchase both at the same outlet. I’m quite astute like that.

One of these outlets has a proprietor who reminds me quite a lot of Gus Fring off of the hit TV show Breaking Bad. Rather cleverly I’ve entitled this post ‘Baking Bad’ to reflect that. Although, to be completely honest, I’m not sure if the bread that is used to make my sausage baguette is baked on site. If I was to hazard a guess, I’d say it arrives on the premises par-baked and is finished off in the cafe’s own kitchen. But I couldn’t be certain. It’s probably not the most interesting facet of this story… Continue reading Baking Bad

Guitar Hero

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My imitation Fender Stratocaster only has five strings. The ‘high’ E snapped about five years ago and I haven’t bothered to replace it. It’s also out of tune.

I’ve had it since I was fifteen, which is now a scarily long time ago.

Back when I was in secondary school I was briefly in a band.

Well, my mate and I used to meet up and attempt to write songs. Continue reading Guitar Hero

Livid Leprechaun

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Reading’s local rugby team is called London Irish. It’s a strange name for a team that is evidently not based in London, and has limited links to Ireland. Historically it had both of those things going for it, originally being set up as a club for Irish people who were living in London.  The name endures despite the move to Reading and the fact that although there are still Irish players playing for the team, there are many more English players and, as with all modern teams, there are a lot of other nationalities in the squad too. It has a huge local following in Reading but it does still attract Irish fans, in much the same way as I and my fellow Welsh exiles have an affection for the now Oxford-based London Welsh.

I naturally assumed that when I saw a man dressed all in green  and wearing a Leprechaun mask, walking across Reading Bridge today, that he was on his way home from a match. There could be no other explanation surely for such an outfit on a Sunday afternoon in May? Continue reading Livid Leprechaun

Glorious Gluttony

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I went to the pub last night. I didn’t drink that much, but I ended up being a tiny bit drunk. Certainly I was drunk enough that when I went to the chip shop on the way home I bought a significantly larger amount of food than I would have had I not been imbibing alcohol. Continue reading Glorious Gluttony


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I only have one suit. It’s a really nice suit though.

I got married in it, so I really pushed the boat out and had it tailor-made. It is literally the most expensive thing I own apart from my house.

Since getting married in it I have worn it to numerous weddings, funerals, christenings and job interviews. I’ve had it for almost five years and it still looks awesome. Continue reading Un-SUIT-able

Mug Mugging

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This is no ordinary ceramic mug; this is a mug that I purchased from the Manchester Museum gift shop in November 2006.

manchester mug

“Big Deal!” I hear you cry. Anyone could buy a mug from the Manchester Museum gift shop. Well anyone who pays a visit to the Manchester Museum could anyway.

True enough and certainly what makes this particular mug so special is not the fact that it was purchased from a museum that isn’t even the most exciting museum in its native city (it is worth a visit if you are in the vicinity, but there are more exciting offerings in England’s third biggest city). What makes this mug so special is what happened shortly after I purchased it. Continue reading Mug Mugging

The all-important first post.

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I’ve started numerous blogs over the years. They always start well. I usually post regular updates for a few days, sometimes even two or three daily. Then I miss a day, then a few days. This becomes a few weeks and then, really, the blog is dead; my passion runs out. Continue reading The all-important first post.