Continuity Error

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If I manage to write something today it will be my 15th post in 15 days, which isn’t bad going. On the other hand, I’m not certain I’m going to get chance to get to a computer today, or indeed have time to write anything.

It’s quite a dilemma – I expect there’ll be a time where I’m content to blog on a less regular basis. Certainly there’ll be other days when I’m just too busy.

But I’m not ready for the run to come to an end just yet.

What I could do is write something yesterday and then quickly post it today when I get a chance, or even better use that ‘advanced scheduling’ feature so that whatever I end up writing just appears today without me having to go near a computer.

That should be possible.

Well that’s all sorted then. Now I just need something to write about.

Or I could just use this, as if it’s some sort of clever ‘meta’ blog post and pretend that’s what I wanted to do all along.

Yep that’s what I’ll do.

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