James Proclaims (4)

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What kind of a narcissist would use his own name as the subject of a blog post? Probably the same kind of narcissist who would name the entire blog after himself.

Then again, aren’t all bloggers a bit narcissistic?

To be honest I’m probably too narcissistic to care whether other bloggers are.

But there’s loads of word that begin with ‘J’. Like ‘Jolly’, ‘Jobsworth’ or ‘Jaundice’.

Jaundice might have been a good choice. Apparently I was jaundiced when I was born. I’m not now though and I can’t really remember the experience.

So I’ve gone with James. Which is my name.

Except (and this is a shocking revelation in the soap opera that is ‘James Proclaims’) James is actually my middle name.

I have a different first name.

I don’t use it really.

Except on legal documents because people can be quite funny about you not using your full name. I would be the worst fraudster in history if I thought just using my middle name instead of my first name was a sufficient pseudonym but I understand the need for full disclosure.

Fortunately a blog has no such need for full disclosure.

To all intents and purposes my name is James and it will more than suffice for this blog.

But as today is all about the letter ‘J’ I will disclose that my first name also begins with a ‘J’.

But I will  reveal no more, for I truly am a man of mystery…



3 thoughts on “J Is For James

    1. Well that has certainly put my actual name into context. It definitely isn’t Jedward…
      It’s a name of Indian origins that frankly I thought my parents had made up for years. Literally until the other day when I saw a contestant on a daytime TV quiz show with the same name.

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      1. Haha, that’s brilliant! I think I’d quite like being almost unique – that’s why I like being Haylee with ‘EE’. I’m not going to attempt to guess anymore – I (sadly) looked up ‘men’s names of Indian origin beginning with J…’ (My search engines instruction have to date the obvious!). Anyway, there are loads!! And all with specific meanings – I hope you have a cool meaning for yours. 🙂


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