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An Ode To Odes

I’m partial to an ode It’s not hard to see why Though it follows a code You only need comply With rules about the rhymes And it’s quite a simple scheme Though easy to get wrong Which we all do sometimes But the ode still reigns supreme When it can be sung like a song

A Bad Poem About A Different Bad Poem

Once I wrote a poem and it wasn’t very good I put it on this blog though I wasn’t sure I should It was quite well-received even though it was so bad It got more ‘likes’ than better posts and this made me sad I wondered if it was worth putting much effort in If …

Continuity Error

If I manage to write something today it will be my 15th post in 15 days, which isn’t bad going. On the other hand, I’m not certain I’m going to get chance to get to a computer today, or indeed have time to write anything. It’s quite a dilemma – I expect there’ll be a…