8 thoughts on “Arrant Adequacy

  1. You know, I haven’t written any haiku on my blog — thelonelymeatball.ca —- but yours just might inspire me. I really like this particular one because it seems to give much insight into your mindset right now. You’re a teacher on holidays after a hideous year because of the pandemic. Relax. Enjoy yourself. You make haiku poetry interesting! I’d also like to thank you for another opportunity for my shameless self-promotion. To clarify — my self -promotion came in the form of giving my blog address, thelonelymeatball.ca. Maybe that was already clear, but I wanted to make sure so I repeated the address – just to clarify. 😊

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    1. I think you’re making self promotion an art form! I don’t suppose haiku lends itself quite so well to children’s verse but I’m sure you could have fun with it. And you read between the lines of mine very well…

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