James’ Shamelessly Nostalgic A-Z Of Cartoon Characters That He Liked As A Child – Part 12: Launchpad McQuack

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You want ‘L’? I’ll give you ‘L’! We’re all going to have an ‘L’ of a time!
Because ‘L’ is the letter of the day for the A-Z Blogging Challenge, in which I am currently participating. But which cartoon character of my youth is going to experience ‘L’ today?


‘L’ is for Launchpad McQuack


Launchpad was a duck who appeared in two regular animated series back in the day. He was a main character on the 90s cartoon, Darkwing Duck, which was pretty good when all is said and done. Before that though, he was on the truly awesome series DuckTales, which centred around the adventures of Donald Duck’s rich but miserly uncle, Scrooge McDuck alongside Donald’s’ three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Donald, himself, appeared in a  few episodes, but he was not a regular character. It was something of a game-changing move for Disney in terms of output and paved the way for many other popular shows, such as Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (which I’ve already written about), the aforementioned Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin and numerous others.

But even alongside those shows, which all had their merits, DuckTales was a bit special. And as for the theme tune, well it might just be the best of all time.

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  1. April 13, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    I don’t ever so remember Launchpad but thanks for reminding me of Darkwing Duck! Of course I remember Scrooge McDuck but I didn’t ever so pay attention with either of these series and being a busy enough mum to not sit and watch any old Disney garbage even if the kids did. Appears they’re total meanies for excessive copyright control and can even have personal photos of holiday experiences removed (or maybe extort a material license if they approve individual user content – hasn’t happened to me personally but I’ve seen stuff suggesting that’s how it is. They’ll never get any of my money again with stupid policies like that. Good to catch up with your posts again, well done young man 🙂


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