My 2016 Blog Report

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This time last year I got my first ever annual blog report from WordPress. I didn’t ask for it but they sent it anyway. And actually it was pretty cool. It didn’t tell me anything earth shattering that I didn’t already know. I was eight months into my blogging journey at that point and I was pretty obsessed with my blog’s stats. Nonetheless it was nice having it all on one report – and because other bloggers were posting links to their blog reports I could compare my blog stats with others and laugh sneeringly or bow my head in shame depending on how they matched up to mine.

It was like being back in school.

Except not at all like that really. Continue reading My 2016 Blog Report

My 2015 Blog Report

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I wasn’t going to post anything today.

I haven’t really got anything to write about.

I’m still very much in the weird world of Twixmas, whereby I know that Christmas is ostensibly over, but there’s still a Christmas tree in my living room and lots of really unhealthy food in the house. I’m also still off work. But I’m not doing anything especially useful or exciting with my time off. And I’m feeling guilty about the fact that I’m not doing anything useful so I’m not really relaxing either. It’s like I can’t switch off my natural need to procrastinate, even when I don’t especially have anything I need to be doing. Continue reading My 2015 Blog Report

An Incomplete Explanation About Why James Didn’t Proclaim

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It’s one of those conundrums that I think many of us bloggers go through. I’ve been through it before in previous incarnations of my online journal but this is the first time since ‘James Proclaims’ began.

Essentially I’ve had a sustained period of ‘not blogging’. It’s been almost three weeks since my last post, which if blogging were akin to substance dependency would be a cause for celebration, but the point of being a blogger is…well… to blog.

And that I haven’t for almost three weeks is a bad thing if I want people to keep reading the stuff I write.

And I very much want people to read the stuff I write because it’s good for my overly-fragile ego. Continue reading An Incomplete Explanation About Why James Didn’t Proclaim

‘James Proclaims’ Needs You!

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Hello dear readers!

There has been talk of late about the tagline of this blog. Most of this talk has come from me. It’s of little interest to the vast majority of people.

Nonetheless, the ‘catchiness’ of the tagline has been brought into question. The current tagline is:

The irreverent and irrelevant ramblings
of a man who hasn’t really got anything to say,
but is going to say it anyway…’
Continue reading ‘James Proclaims’ Needs You!

More About Me

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In a controversial move,  I’ve decided to redo Blogging 101 – the online blogging course run by WordPress.

If you’re a longstanding reader (if you can be a longstanding reader of a blog which is still less than three months old), you’ll know that I did Blogging 101 in June. You’ll know because I wrote about every single task in painstaking detail, whether the task required me to or not. The ‘hilarious’ results of this can be found here. Continue reading More About Me

A Bit Of Introspection

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I nearly made it a whole seven days without blogging about blogging, but yesterday I cracked and wrote a tongue-in-cheek post that was very much about blogging. It was partly through the limitations of time and partly through a total lack of inspiration. ‘Blogger’s Block’ if you will.

So today I thought I’d use my blog entry to ruminate a little on what the point of all of this is. Through careful analysis (by the blog itself not by me…) I’ve worked out that I get very few people visiting ‘James Proclaims’ on a Saturday, so if I’m going to be a little self-indulgent then today is probably the day. If such a thing as a ‘die hard’ fan of this blog exists, then I suppose this is the DVD ‘making of’ extra rather than the main content. If you are a ‘die-hard’ fan of this blog then you might want to reconsider how you spend your time. There are better things than this out there for your entertainment, not just in the form of other blogs but also books and films and art and stuff. If you’re a die hard fan of my blog then you might instead want to to try the Die Hard films. At least three of them are better than this. Continue reading A Bit Of Introspection

Some people will think this post is clever, but it isn’t clever at all…

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Today is looking dangerously like the first day in a while when I won’t update this blog.

I’ve been blogging consistently for days on end now. I haven’t yet let something like ‘having nothing to write about’ get in my way.

I’ve hit a few milestones along the way.

On the 21st June I completed the ‘blogging landmark’ of 30 posts in 30 days. Then I kept the run going and blogged every day for the whole of June. Two days ago I achieved a phenomenal 40 posts in 40 days and, to top it all, yesterday was my 50th post on James Proclaims. I only started this blog on May 10th. If the benchmark of success is quantity over quality then I’m truly a talent to behold. Continue reading Some people will think this post is clever, but it isn’t clever at all…

Arise Sir Blogger

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Well it’s day 15 of blogging 101 and we’ve made it. Just one more task to complete and I can become an officially licensed blogger.

So what have I learnt?

Well the main lesson would probably be that blogging about blogging, even when you’re doing it ironically, has a limited appeal.

I’d like to thanks those of you that have stuck with me this far. I know it hasn’t been easy…

I’d also like to congratulate all of my fellow Blogging 101ers. I hope we can stay in touch.

Maybe we could have some kind reunion event next year? Continue reading Arise Sir Blogger

You Need This Stuff

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It’s been a refreshing two days of not gently mocking the rudimentary online learning programme that is ‘Blogging 101’, yet my last two posts were, in fact, assignments for said course. Some might say that my writing is more appealing when it’s not specifically on the topic of blogging. To those people I say…

…well, you probably do have a point. Continue reading You Need This Stuff