Blogging 101

James Proclaims (12)

In June 2015, I decided I wanted to be a better blogger, so I embarked WordPress’ very own blogging course – Blogging 101


Well I had some fun I can tell you.

And as you can see, my blogging is now excellent. If you’d like to be a blogger of equal calibre, why not follow the course yourself?

And while you’re doing each task – why not see how I got on? You could even pretend we’re classmates!

Although it is important that you remember that we’re not classmates and I did this course before you and therefore I’m better than you really.

Anyway my journey from Zero to Hero (their words not mine) is detailed in the annals below…

Day 1 – Introductions

Day 2 – Titles and Taglines 

Day 3 – Following Topics and Blogs 

Day 4 – Focusing on Your Audience

Day 5 -Themes

Day 6 – “About” Pages

Day 7 -Headers and Backgrounds

Day 8 Commenting, One

Day 9 Inspired Posting

Day 10 – Blogrolls 

Day 11 Personalizing Prompts

Day 12 Commenting, Two 

Day 13 Blog Events 

Day 14 Branding

Day 15 Blog Features

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