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An Ode To Writer’s Block

Today I lacked a muse There was nothing to inspire I searched the room for cues To lift me out the mire But of writer’s block cures There was not much to choose Nothing to light the fire So my writers block endures

A Bad Poem About A Different Bad Poem

Once I wrote a poem and it wasn’t very good I put it on this blog though I wasn’t sure I should It was quite well-received even though it was so bad It got more ‘likes’ than better posts and this made me sad I wondered if it was worth putting much effort in If …

A Taxonomy of Chocolate Bars

If you’ve clicked on this expecting a well-thought out classification of all the different chocolate bars available in the UK then you’ll be sadly disappointed. Also, what is wrong with you? Seriously, who needs to know about chocolate bars to that extent? I mean I am reasonably well-versed in chocolate. I’m certainly no expert, but…