James Proclaims (4)

For today’s Writing 101 task, I need to produce something based on a quote. I do like a good quote, but I resent writing blog posts based on something clever that someone else said.

People should be quoting me dammit!

There are loads of good quotes out there and I was torn in terms of which direction to go. I’m definitely a fan of Oscar Wilde, but I’ve already written a post based on him.

Terry Pratchett, Roald Dahl and Douglas Adams were all eminently quotable but in the end I’ve gone with Mark Twain, who apparently (although I wasn’t there to bear witness) said or wrote the following:

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.”

I don’t know if it’s sour grapes about my own underachievement over the years (and if I’m good at one thing, it is underachieving) but I’ve known a lot of idiots who’ve gone on to enjoy quite spectacular career success, without ever showing even the slightest bit of competency at what they do.

I’ve had a number of stupid bosses in my time and none of them have ever had the good grace to be aware of their own limitations.

The trouble with me is that I’m acutely aware of my many shortcomings and I think that awareness may have hampered me in my career to date.

Or it could be because my main failings are a total lack of direction and a work ethic that is, at times, laughable.

14 thoughts on “Fulfilling my Quota

  1. There’s so much truth in this quote, psychologists refer to the ‘Dunning-Kruger effect’, regarding people who massively overestimate their own intelligence and abilities and appear blind to their failings. Annoyingly, if they appear convincing they often seem to get away with it. As for that last sentence, it could be a page from my diary..

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  2. Firstly don’t put yourself down I am a really lazy person and for whatever reason I missed this part and blog 201, oh well. I know what you mean about idiots in charge I worked in a Wetherspoons pub as a cook and left when I was 60. Oh boy were there some idiots in charge and it hasn’t changed. If anything it has got worse!
    Your writing is good so just keep up the good work. I suppose my phrase would be from the film A Kentuckian in the Court of King Arthur, “Busy doing Nothing!”
    You are doing very well keep at it.

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