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Well it’s the last day of 2015 and that calls for some kind of review of the events of the past 12 months. I’m probably the only blogger that’s even thought of doing this. It’s a pretty original and exciting idea is it not?

Who else but me would even consider using the 31st December as an opportunity to look back on everything that’s happened in the preceding year?

But that’s just the kind of innovative and exciting writer that I am.

Still quite a lot happened in 2015.

I can’t write about all of it.

And even though I often give the impression that I’m omniscient, I’m fairly sure that some stuff happened that I don’t even know about.

So I can’t write about that.

I could just write about stuff that happened to me in a humorous and self deprecating way.

But I do that most of the time anyway.

Surely this calls for something different to mark the occasion.

Then again I never really do much for New Year anyway. Mrs Proclaims and I have made a habit of staying in for New Year’s Eve. I might cook a nice meal, and we may enjoy a glass of fizzy white wine that isn’t actually champagne but essentially looks and tastes similar to champagne and costs a bit less.

Sometimes we even manage to stay up as late as midnight. And we watch the fireworks in London via the magic of our own television. And then realise how rubbish fireworks are via the medium of TV.

I expect they’re a bit more exciting in real life. I can’t remember the last time I saw any in real life.

Is that sad? It seems like it might be a bit sad. Maybe I should recapture the magic of my childhood by going and seeing some actual fireworks in real life.

Then again I can just as easily recapture the magic of my childhood by watching Star Wars.

Which is something I did in 2015. I watched all seven Star Wars films. And that’s something I couldn’t have done in 2014, because back then there were only six.

Ok, now we’re cooking. What else happened apart from a new Star Wars film?

There was a new Bond film. I saw that. I quite liked it. It wasn’t the best Bond film I ever saw but it wasn’t the worst either.

I read some books. They were all pretty good. I’d heartily recommend them but I can’t remember what any of them are called. They’re all on a book shelf behind me but that would necessitate turning my head which, as it turns out, is more effort than I’m prepared to put into this blog post.

There was some actually really significant stuff that happened in my life too. Probably the kind of stuff that would make for a really interesting piece of writing. But I’ve completely set the wrong tone now so I can’t include any of that in this post without going back and rewriting the beginning.

None of it’s that interesting anyway unless you’re actually me, and if you are me then you already know it.

Unless you’re a much older version of me reading this as a way of reliving old memories.

In which case ‘Future Me’, all you really need to know is that 2015 was not a vintage year. Some good stuff happened, some bad stuff happened but truthfully, when you compare it to the golden era of your life, that magical period that started in 2016, you’ll realise that, all in all, 2015 was merely a precursor to the happiest times of your life but was not in itself, a year worth remembering.

I’m just guessing obviously because I’ve no idea what the future holds but it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that 2015 was a year. And that’s really all we could ever expect it to be.

9 thoughts on “James Reviews 2015, Just In Case Nobody Else Remembered To Do It

  1. James, ahh, for the first time, you’ve bummed me out. 2015 was a vintage year for me….and I am hoping 2016 exceeds it. Learning, growing. Yes, I am feeling very optimistic this new year, more so than other years. A new attitude about life…that took me a full year to find. May 2016 be the vintage year you hope for!!

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