G Is For Games

James Proclaims (4)


Games rhymes with James.

I like rhymes.

But I don’t always like games.

I can tolerate an occasional round of Monopoly, but I find my enthusiasm wanes after a while.

I don’t mind chess either but only really against weaker opponents (of whom there are not many).

I’m not a gracious loser, so if I’m likely not to be good at a game, I rarely want to play. This applies to most sports, which truthfully are just games. That’s why the lesson in school where we had to do sports was called ‘Games’. It was literally my least favourite lesson of the week.

I don’t mind exercise. I just don’t enjoy anything with a competitive element to it.

Unless I’m definitely going to win.

I have a bad attitude when it comes to games but so did Chewbacca in the original Star Wars film (A New Hope – lest you question whether I know what it’s called).

Also the ‘Mr T’ character in ‘The A-team’ was called B.A. and that stood for Bad Attitude.

So what have we learnt today? Essentially that I’m bit like a cross between a Wookie and Mr T and you shouldn’t play a game of anything with me unless you’re prepared to lose.

I’d almost wonder why I have any friends at all, but frankly if I got the chance to hang around with someone that was a hybrid of two beloved eighties* icons, then I’d consider it an honour.

In reality it’s a wonder I don’t have more friends.

*I know that technically Chewbacca is an icon of the late seventies but I discovered Star Wars in the eighties.





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