I Is For Irritation

James Proclaims (4)

cooltext176505231031549Some people might describe me as being ‘easily irritated’. They may be correct in this assertion but they might also want to take a good long look at themselves and see if they could try and be a little less irritating.

I would admit that I can, at times, be irritable. Usually when I’m tired, hungry or stressed. And to be fair I’m normally at least two of those things, so it’s probably fair to suggest I can be a little ‘oversensitive’…

But then the world can be an infuriating place.

Actually the world is a terrifying place, with acts of terror, human rights violations and systematic corruption being the main content of the various ‘news’ sources we are bombarded with daily.

I can’t be irritated by stuff like that. I can’t even begin to process stuff like that and continue to live my inconsequential life. So I don’t worry about the big stuff.

But when that delivery I’m waiting for is ten minutes later than the advertised ‘time-slot’, or when there’s only one tub of margarine left in the supermarket during a ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ promotion, or when a long-running TV programme just ignores stuff that happened in earlier episodes and uses a plot device that literally makes no sense within the continuity of the show…

…well, I can’t help but take that personally.


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