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cooltext179265865653185U is for ‘Underwhelming’.

‘Underwhelming’ is probably a fair way to describe this post.

It’s almost as if I’ve stopped trying but my stubborn, inflexible nature means I keep posting things for this A-Z challenge even though I can’t really be bothered.

Or maybe this post just feels a bit like I’ve ‘phoned it in’ because that’s what I want it to feel like.

Because my word of the day is ‘Underwhelming’.

Who can honestly say what is going on at this point?

But if reading this leaves you feeling underwhelmed, then it may help a little to believe that’s what I intended all along.

If, on the other hand, this post leaves you feeling overjoyed, you may need to see a doctor.

9 thoughts on “U Is For Underwhelming

  1. Your post reminds me of a line from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You: “I know you can be be underwhelmed, and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be, like, whelmed?”

    Maybe your post whelms me. 😉

    Only a few more days of A-Z!

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