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Hello blogosphere!

Today is the 4th April and therefore it is my birthday. My birthday is on the 4th April every year and I fully anticipate maintaining this tradition for many years to come.

One of the main reasons, indeed possibly the only reason, that I went into the education profession was that the 4th April is always in the Easter holidays and so, theoretically, I would never have to work on my birthday.

This theory has been proven incorrect on three occasions since I joined the teaching ranks. Arguably the worst was a few years back when my birthday fell on a working Monday, but today was almost as bad, for today is Tuesday and once again I found myself at the metaphorical coalface of my profession.

Although I have but three more days until I am off work for two full weeks, and therefore have scant reason to complain, I was more than a little put out to be ‘celebrating’ my birthday in my place of work.

Not least because apparently I was still expected to actually do some work while I was there.

And not everyone seemed to be aware that I was deserving of their unreserved affection and adoration.

I mean I told everyone who would listen obviously and when properly briefed most people did indeed wish me a happy birthday, but should I have had to tell them? Shouldn’t they just know?

There were some highlights. I was greeted enthusiastically first thing by a student who remembered it was my birthday, without any prompting, because it was also her birthday today. Apparently we’d had that conversation some time ago. I felt bad for not remembering it was also her birthday until she pointed it out, although I was slightly marvelling at her apparent psychic abilities up to that point.

Later in the day some of my colleagues gathered together to sing me happy birthday. That was genuinely touching.

And I did stuff my face with cake throughout the day, which was nice, even if it was me who bought the cake in the first place.

Still when the time came to down tools, I needed no second prompting and I raced out of my workplace and drove quickly (but at entirely legal speeds obviously) to my homestead and the loving arms of Mrs Proclaims, who greeted me with lots of presents.

Indeed for a man, now very much in his late thirties, my present haul this year was embarrassingly good.

I loved everything I got, and to all of the present buyers (many of whom read this blog) I can only offer a wholehearted thank you – I’m loath to single any out but the R2D2 oven mitts that my sister bought me were pretty inspired.


As ever Mrs Proclaims also provided me with a giant birthday cookie in lieu of a cake. Obviously if she got me a cake I’d be happy enough, but given the choice I’d always opt for a giant cookie. I’ve already eaten a massive piece and it’ll be a surprise if it makes it to the weekend before I’ve scoffed the lot.


For the little that is left of my birthday I’m going to try and make merry. I can’t make too merry because  I have more work on the morrow but Mrs Proclaims and I are off for some fine dining this evening.

We’ll probably be ordering from the set menu though – it is only Tuesday after all…

48 thoughts on “Birthday Blues

  1. Happy Birthday James! The Easter holiday does indeed “jump around” on the calendar doesn’t it? Those oven mitts are very cool although they do look a bit robotic (!). Birthdays at work can go either way I suppose. It is pretty good when one is acknowledged on the actual day but I think it is much less special of a day when employers simply read off or list multiple births at the beginning of the month and call it a day. That cookie really has no shot at making it to the weekend does it?

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  2. James, the benefit of purchasing your own cake is that you get to pick the flavor and design. Yumminess guaranteed! May all of your birthday wishes come true! I am grateful you were born and share your adventures with the rest of us. 🙂

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      1. Avoid angering goddesses today. I don’t know what we would do if you were to waste away at the side of pool staring at your own reflection (You might make a pretty flower though) 😉

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  3. Happy Birthday James .. I suppose I have found a match in you,who is as excited as me when it comes to celebrating birthday! I will poke you on my birthday to wish me… 😉

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  4. Happy actual birthday this time! I was tempted out for cocktails (on a school night – the shame!) earlier. Clearly, my other half must have wanted to subconsciously raise a glass in celebration of your arrival day! Oh, and those oven mitts are excellent – want!

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  5. Happy Birthday, I think we should write to the PM birthdays should be statutory holidays!!! If your birthday happens to fall during a particular holiday you should get the day in lieu… wouldn’t that be great! The schools where I am are actually already on holiday for Easter… sorry I shouldn’t have told you that! Glad you had some cake and awesome pressies though!

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    1. Great idea – maybe birthday holidays could be a perk of Brexit. Turns out a lot of schools are already off, including the one my other half works at, so it’s just my stupid school that’s still going.

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  6. Happy birthday!! I am jealous that your birthday usually falls over Easter. It only happens for me once every 10 years it seems (this being year one so sorry for stealing it from you!). But I hope you had the most enjoyable day! Even if you did have to work, and even if it was “only Tuesday after all”

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