Bovril 250g.jpg

I like a cup of coffee
I enjoy a mug of tea
But a thermos filled with Bovril
Is really not for me

It’s not that I’m picky
But I can’t help but think
That salty extract of beef
Probably shouldn’t be a drink

I’m really not that fussy
About what I choose to eat
But I can’t get on board
With the idea of drinking meat

I suppose I’m less opposed
To Bovril as a spread
But if I have the option
I’d choose Marmite instead

Still in these times of Brexit
And negotiations going wrong
The UK should come together
And join in stoic song

For we may lose our household staples
If we can’t strike a deal
But we’ll have Bovril forever
(No matter how that makes us feel)


An Actual Advert For Bovril

15 thoughts on “The Infallible Power Of Bovril

  1. Do you have a standing on Oxo? I was brought up in a Marmite for spread / Oxo for Half-time rugby drinks kind of family. But then I’d happily down a cup of gravy. Must be the northerner in me!

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    1. Hi Haylee, I used to have oxo at half time football matches. Did you used to have gravy on toast? My although I live in the south, my mum came from Liverpool. Let’s hear it for gravy or dripping on toast.

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    2. I remember drinking gravy but usually when it was being made to accompany a Sunday roast. It was never made as a drink particularly, but drinking it in addition to having it on the roast was acceptable. Maybe that’s because my mum is from the Midlands. Which is half way to the North…

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