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Well if it isn’t Friday and, moreover the 6th of April. But who really gives an ‘F’?

Well I do as a matter of fact, because ‘F’ is very much the letter I’m on in my quest to write about the beloved cartoons of my youth in this year’s A-Z blogging challenge.


‘F’ is for Ferocious Ness


The Family Ness was a cartoon all about a family of Loch Ness monsters. They all had names that made the most of the word ‘Ness’ by using is as a suffix to nominalise adjectives in order to create their names, although rather than creating an actual noun, the adjective was used as the character’s forename and ‘Ness’ became the surname. It was grammar lesson and a cartoon all in one.

Some examples of Nessie characters were:

Lovely Ness

Sporty Ness

Forgetful Ness

Clever Ness

Ferocious Ness was the main one and he appeared in the most episodes. He wasn’t particularly ferocious, although he was, perhaps, a little curmudgeonly at times.


18 thoughts on “James’ Shamelessly Nostalgic A-Z Of Cartoon Characters That He Liked As A Child – Part 6: Ferocious Ness

  1. Thank you, another one I watched with my eldest when he was a little boy so it’s nice having these memory triggers. I haven’t watched it, but when i can see the quality assurance of the BBC on the website returning to the quality I’d expect I might just splash out on my licence cos your posts are worth that even if I’m not watching telly, though news live is a good thing to have and radio news don’t quite cut it. Hope as a teacher my colloquialised informal commentary isn’t annoying to you.

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