James Proclaims (4)


Today is my third blogiversary. That’s right, I’ve been doing this blogging malarkey for three whole years now.

Which seems like a respectable amount of time to have maintained a blog.

It’s probably worthy of some kind of recognition.

I should at least get a certificate.

Maybe even a laminated certificate.

I’d like to say I’ve learned a lot in the last three years.

But I haven’t learned a thing really.

Still, after three years, you might think that the novelty would be starting to wear off a little.

But I still enjoy the satisfaction of writing a good post.

Obviously this isn’t a good post.

But I have written some good posts in the last three years.

Or at the very least I’ve written some adequate posts.

I mean they’re not all bad surely?

Anyway, as is customary when celebrating a blogiversary, I will now eat some cake.

It was ‘cake day’ in work today. Every Thursday is cake day. But I was in a meeting when the cake was being served so I missed it. All I got in the meeting was some water. Which is not the same as cake.

So I will have some cake now instead and celebrate my blogiversary.

Feel free to join me.

Although don’t actually come to my house because that would be weird.


18 thoughts on “A Triennium Of Proclamations

  1. This is indeed impressive tenacity. Or triacity.
    Something like that anyway.
    Congratulations, many happy returns, long may it continue and whatever else they say before you can just get on and eat your cake.

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  2. Congratulations, and thank you for clearing something up for me. I’ve been wondering why my posts are so few and far between. It’s because of doing blogging malarkey, I’ve been focusing on hogwash and claptrap. Thanks for setting me straight!

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  3. Congrats on the blogiversary.

    I for one would enjoy you sharing some stats to mark the occasion – the chief one being how many posts have been written in that time (I’m thinking it must be gi-normous compared to a regular three years for your mere mortal blogger).

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  4. Congrats James! Perhaps you haven’t learnt anything, but you’ve certainly taught plenty of things to the rest of us!

    I had some apple crumble earlier, which is not the same as cake, but closer to cake than water, so I might count that as my celebration of your blogging triennium. Leaves more cake for you, and it is your blog after all..

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